Our Industry Leading Selfie Verification is Here!

January 28, 2021

Online dating and friendship platforms have come a long way over the last decade. Yet in some ways, they seem stagnant and the same problems continue to plague them all. How many times have you swiped on someone only to find out (often weeks or month in) that they don’t look anything like their photos? That changes today!

We are incredibly excited to announce our industry-leading solution – selfie verification with realness check. Just click into your Profile, upload some photos, and tap Verify Now to get started. You’ll be guided step-by-step through a quick process to image your face from different angles in a fun, easy way. We’ll run it through our Gossyp magic and slap a Verified badge on your photo once it passes muster.

With Gossyp’s proprietary photo verification technology, you don’t have to worry about getting catfished – unverified photos can’t be exchanged with others! This new feature supports our key tenets: a community of real, genuine people, treating others well and better connections without wasted time.

Another day, a better Gossyp.


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