Gossyp is Really Different.

Dating and friendships are hard. That’s why we spent two years building Gossyp – the first platform in a decade to flip the paradigm.


We believe that catfishing, ghosting, stalking, and harassment should not exist in dating. And we HATE endless swiping, waiting and texting! Just to get to a terrible first date? Boooo!

Better Dates and friendships start with a Conversation.

Gossyp matches you with amazing people nearby that you’re likely to vibe with. You shouldn’t have to see hundreds of profiles – only the best.


Why spend weeks getting to a terrible date when you can sense a spark over a brief phone call? Listen to their Vio (voice bio) and call them from the Gossyp app (no phone numbers needed). That’s right! Every connection on Gossyp starts with a voice conversation.


There are no names or public photos on Gossyp – your avatar and Vio let your personality shine through. Hit it off on a call? You can choose to disclose name, exchange verified photos and unlock advanced features. Didn’t quite click? Just let us know with one tap and you’ll never match with or hear from them again.

With Gossyp, no one can reverse search you on social media, harass you online, or stalk you in real life based on your profile. No other platform can claim that. You’re welcome!


Want to meet, but too shy to ask? Click Let’s Meet to get things rolling quietly. Your intentions aren’t revealed until they are interested too – move things along without the stress of asking someone out.


Everyone gets rated after each call, so you’re only matched with genuine and friendly people. Post-date feedback helps us hold people accountable for good behavior in real life.

Gossyp keeps you safe Always.

We are obsessed with your privacy and safety. Our industry leading technology prevents fake profile photos, and crowdsourced vetting makes sure negative behavior is easily reported. Bad actors get the boot quickly and permanently.


Gossyp is a community dedicated to building meaningful connections. We value equality and kindness in relationships. Don’t wait – whether you’re looking for a best friend or your other half, your fromance starts here!