Gossyp is Live

August 26, 2020

For immediate release.

  • Gossyp has released a category-defining platform to make new friends or find romance effortlessly using a live voice chat mobile app.
  • Its radical approach uses AI and crowdsourcing to help daters click better, treat each other better, and show respect and kindness throughout the dating process.
  • Gossyp has a zero tolerance policy towards bad behavior and uses crowd-sourced feedback to foster a community of real, genuine people. 

Mountain View, CA — This week Gossyp released a category-defining platform to make new friends or find romance effortlessly using a live voice chat mobile application. Private by design, the app protects users’ identities using avatars until they have built trust with others. The AI-powered app takes into account a myriad of user-provided information, and applies psychology and sociology research to continuously improve future matches. Gossyp has a strong focus on respect and kindness, and aims to reduce catfishing, ghosting, breadcrumbing and other bad behaviors. Every feature is built to make it easier for people to treat each other better.

Online dating has been largely stagnant for the last decade. While a few giants have dominated this category, there is no data to suggest that users are having a better dating experience. Persistently, users have complained about bad behaviors, even coming up with new terms like breadcrumbing, gaslighting and ghosting to describe what they’re experiencing. During COVID-19, online and mobile dating apps have tried to adapt by offering new twists on the same features (like removing filters for distance or race, or making video calls available). However, no one has fundamentally changed the dating ecosystem.

Two years in the making, Gossyp has been designed to fundamentally improve the dating experience. First, Gossyp is a voice-first platform. This means the first interaction with someone is a voice call — not superficial swiping or liking based just on looks. Users can talk to others in a comfortable, no pressure environment, and are able to decide very quickly if a friendship or relationship has potential to take off. Second, names and photos are never visible to the public, drastically reducing online harassment and potential backlash from unsuccessful suitors — a game changer, especially for women. After a few positive conversations with a potential friend or romantic partner, both parties can simultaneously exchange their verified photos. Third, Gossyp’s proprietary matching technology is steeped in cutting edge psychology. It takes into account a myriad of user-provided information and feedback, and applies psychology and sociology research to improve future matches and conversations. All of this happens without disclosing personal identifying information, connecting to social media profiles, or using any third-party data. Finally, Gossyp has zero tolerance for disrespect, abuse, obscenity, or harassment. Since each voice conversation is rated, bad actors get flagged instantly and are banned for life. As a result, Gossyp is a community of vetted users interested in genuine friendships and relationships.

Today, our democracy is rife with political and socio-economic turmoil. Society at large, especially the younger generation, is eager to connect with those who treat them with respect regardless of their race, ethnicity, background, or politics. Gossyp aims to foster this goal with open communication, respect and decency ingrained in its platform.

Gossyp has launched in New York City this week, and is available on iOS and Android. As part of the soft launch, early users are invited to hop on the platform and connect with others. During scheduled “online happy hours”, users can discover their matches in the app and call them. Early interest has been very strong and users are really excited and intrigued by the concept. Plans to bring Gossyp nationwide soon are in the works and the users are encouraged to sign up at www.gossyp.me.

For any inquiries, contact pr@gossyp.me.

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