Announcing Hotlist

December 31, 2020

Since Gossyp’s launch, the only way to connect with someone has been an in-app voice call. While that’s not changing, we are making the process easier. Meet Hotlist – our latest feature to help make meaningful connections easier.

See a profile you like but can’t call them right away? Add them to your Hotlist and send them a message letting them know what caught your attention in their voice bio! We’ll let them know, and if the feeling’s mutual, you’ll be notified. You’ll each be able to exchange up to 5 messages or voice notes before having to call each other. This gives you a chance to break the ice and coordinate a good time for a call. Our early users love this new feature!

Gossyp is all about making friendships and dating easier. Hotlist is the direct result of valuable feedback from our users, and we hope you take advantage of this new feature to make meaningful connections.


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